segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2007

Supa Koopa - Soulful Toilet Bowl [2007]

Mix clássica desse produtor de Oxnard, CA. Na pegada do "Taste of Reality".

1. Soulful Intro (feat. Klutch)
2. Where I Belong
3. I S.E.N.D. (feat. Braille)
4. Word Play (feat. Verbal Illustration)
5. Need You
6. Wonderful
7. Soulful Interlude 1 (Represent)
8. Hope (feat. Minus / Opoetik)
9. What Goes Around...
10. Free Happiness
11. Hip Hop Love (feat. Hollow)
12. Soulful Interlude 2 (Back Classic)
13. Who?!?
14. Brand New Day (feat. Minus)
15. The Get Down
16. You And Me
17. Soulful Interlude 3 (Cali-Foreign-iA)
18. Changes (feat. Opoetik)
19. Soulful Outro

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  • foda esse album ae.....
    o supa koopa tem um tbm do jay-z remixado....acho que o link está no myspace dele mesmo.....
    lega ae..

    By Anonymous Doente, at 11:37 AM  

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